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Harmonic Tune


The program HarmonicTune is an general purpose chromatic Instrument Tuner. You should be able to tune nearly every kind of instrument with it (including brass, strings, piano, guitars...). Nevertheless the algorithm for the base frequency detection is not perfect, but I hope to improve it step by step over time. The application is written in C++, uses the libraries "wxWidgets", "boost" and "portaudio" and is compiled and organized with the great free IDE "Code::Blocks" using MinGW.

Feature list of actual revision HarmonicTune 0.93

  • Universal automatic tone detection for nearly all kind of instruments
  • Theoretical tuning range from C0 ... B7
  • Samplingrate, FFT size and threshold level adjustable
  • Following fundamental frequency detections algorithms are available:
    • Power Density Spectrum
    • Cepstrum
    • Autocorrelation
  • The algorithm parameters are adjustable
  • The tuning basis is adjustable
  • Following temperaments possible:
    • Equal Temperament
    • Just Intonation
    • Meantone Temperament

System requirements

  • Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 2000
  • Soundcard

Release Notes

  • HarmonicTune 0.93
    • Date: 09.06.2010
    • Added autocorrelation algorithm
    • Added biquad input filter with variable cutoff frequency
    • Improved level meter update rate
  • HarmonicTune 0.92
    • Date: 07.12.2008
    • Added just intonation temperament
    • Added meantone temperament
    • Reorganized program settings dialogs
    • Major internal redesign
  • HarmonicTune 0.91
    • Date: 18.10.2008
    • Added the cepstrum algorithm for finding fundamental freuquency
    • Added adjustable algorithm parameters
    • Added algorithm settings dialog
    • Improved ini file handling
  • HarmonicTune 0.9
    • Date: 31.07.2008
    • Initial public Revision